Calling gambling as a game of chance easily evokes the game of chance, luck, excitement and also, sense of collective engagement. All of these are thrilling connotations that might be contributing why majority of the American adults have gambled at one point in their life. The level of popularity that gambling has amassed isn’t just seen in traditional casinos but also, in online casinos like

There are many possible reasons why people are opting to gamble; it may be because of the thrill it gives, the money they can make from it or simply, the pleasure it brings. While all these reasons are enough grounds, psychologists still do not have a concrete answer in when gambling stops as being a positive diversion. What is that thing that is keeping people from playing even the fun and joy of playing has gone?

Gambling Addiction

In such cases, this is the time when an individual subconsciously developed addiction to gambling. Let us decipher the triggering factors why addiction takes place.

The Reward Program

Among the notable feature of gambling is the uncertainty it brings regardless if it is the probability of winning the jackpot or the jackpot’s size. Believe it or not, this reward uncertainty actually plays an integral role in the appeal factor of gambling.

Whenever we are happy or thrilled, our mind releases dopamine. This is also released by the brain in situations where rewards are uncertain. Truth is, the amount of dopamine released is increased during events that lead to potential reward.

This level of anticipation may explain to why dopamine release is relevant to a person’s gambling addiction.

According to studies, it showed that the constant release of dopamine when gambling takes place in the brain similar to people who have it activated after using drugs. Truth is, like drugs, the repeated exposure to any gambling activities as well as uncertainties are capable of producing lasting impact in the brain.

Sometimes, it’s the Sounds and Lights that Gets You

However, gambling isn’t just about winning or losing. Gambling is a whole lot more because it may represent itself as an immersive environment coupled with myriad of attractive sounds and fancy lights. This is quite common among busy and leading casinos, which is being implemented as well on smartphones casinos.

Based on studies, these lights and sounds are so effective in terms of attracting and has the capability of triggering urges to play when it is coupled with reward uncertainty.