Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes around the world. In countries like the UK and US, gambling is seen as a key cornerstone of the economy. Therefore, people respect this.qq slot

The Money Gaming Act regulate the two gambling sectors, the lottery and betting sector and casino sector in Switzerland. Switzerland has implemented one of the strictest gambling laws in Europe. Major betting services can only be offered by the two public lotteries. The law only allows land and web-based casinos and gaming companies certified in Switzerland to operate.

However, this is not the case everywhere. Many countries are negative about qq slot gambling. Therefore, they miss out on the sector’s job opportunities and its impressive tax revenues.

Countries that lack the benefits of a well-regulated gambling industry like qq slot


As a result of the 1910-1920 revolution, gambling was seen as an import from France and was banned. This is because Mexican legislators wanted to get rid of what remained of colonial rule. In 2004, the Mexican government finally acknowledged that the country’s laws were criminal and outdated. However, the online industry was not specifically affected by the relaxation of regulations in 2004. This failure in legislation has resulted in an almost non-existent domestic online gambling industry in the country. If Mexicans want to play at a great online casino, their options are limited to foreign companies that don’t pay their taxes in Mexico.

Rather than relaxing their own laws regarding online gambling, Mexican lawmakers are aiming to block all online transactions for online casinos and poker in the country.


Kenya lacks lucrative tax revenues for online gambling, not because of a ban on the online sector, but because of punitive registration and license costs. As a direct result of the astonishing licensing costs, many domestic iGaming companies in the country are simply going out of business, opening the door to foreign online gambling companies to take advantage of the financial benefits of the Kenyan online market.


Dubai is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world for European and American celebrities and business moguls. Unfortunately, if these visitors have a penchant for gambling, they cannot enjoy a flutter either online or at a land-based casino in Dubai. This is because gambling is totally banned in the United Arab Emirates, with the exception of some forms of sports betting. The ban carries a possible two-year prison sentence for players and a ten-year prison sentence for operators.  They strictly enforce these rules.

In summary, Swiss laws are a safe and reliable example of gambling legislation in other countries.