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Gambling In Korea

While many enjoy playing at online casinos, Korea is one of a few nations in the globe that separates its citizens from foreigners in terms of the legality of gambling through the gambling locale. Koreans are allowed to gamble though ToTo sites, lotteries, horse racing, cycle racing and powerboat racing. However, when it comes to casino gambling, of the 23 land-based casinos found in Korea, it is illegal for any Korean citizen to play in all its physical casinos except in one. But for foreigners or international travelers, they are allowed to gamble in casinos that are situated in most major cities that many foreigners visit.

Korean Gambling Law

Wherever they many be around the world, the Korean criminal law still applies to all Koreans. This would mean that it is illegal for Korean citizens to gamble outside of Korea as well.  For Koreans gambling overseas, prosecution sometimes take place, though typically these prosecutions are part of a more considerable allegation in opposition to the involved individual.

For Koreans, the only exception to their gambling laws is gambling at a casino located in Kangwon Land. This casino is situated in a remote region a few hours in the South of Seoul. This special act that supports the Assistance to Development of Abandoned Mines formed the legal framework for the Kangwon Land casino’s development as well as all related laws that allows Korean citizens to patronize, support and freely gamble at the said casino. On the other hand, foreigners are allowed to engage in gambling at any casinos in Korea that are legally established. The Tourism Promotion Law brought about the legal framework allowing casino establishments across Korea to only welcome and allow foreigners to play.

Online Gambling in Korea

In terms of online gambling, people have a lot of opportunities to choose and play at an online casino. However, similar to offline or in-house gambling in casinos, the government of Korea has strict policies that Korean citizens need to follow when wanting to play at an online casino. The policies are intended to lessen and avoid gambling addiction.