For years, governments throughout the world have been trying to find a common denominator for all federal states in order to implement a new gambling law. In addition to player protection, the focus should also be on the abolition of the legal grey areas. Of course, Father State also wants to get its share of Europe’s largest player market. Several billion euros a year are lost to the treasury through illegal offers. Of the industry’s nearly 14 billion total revenue, about one-fifth is accounted for by illegal online casinos. Germany is one of the strongest markets in the playing community in Europe.

The Gambling State Treaty

From mid-2021, the new rules for online casino and sports betting providers are to come into force. With the so-called gambling state contract, online casinos become legal. Currently, online casinos obtain their licenses from Europe and overseas. In particular, the license is considered serious by the Maltese Gaming Authority. The license of the game authority in Curacao is also often requested.

As early as January 2020, the Tagesschau provided detailed information on the successful negotiations with the various federal states. Fortunately, important decisions could be taken before the Corona crisis. After years of wrestling, a new law has finally been introduced.

How do I find legal online casinos?

The Internet is full of advertisements and offers from new online casinos. Finding the right casino here seems to be a difficult task for beginners. Special websites that list test reports and reviews of legal and reputable online casinos address this issue. Here bonus programs, the offer of games, and legal conditions of the casinos are presented. In addition to slot machines and table games, some casinos will also offer sports betting in the future. This combination will be possible with the new law from 2012. Visit play88 casino if you are looking for an online casino that adheres to the required standards.

Player protection

Online casinos or sports betting providers must create a customer account for each of their players to legalize them. This data is monitored by the state control authority to detect conspicuous or gambling-addiction-vulnerable players at an early stage. With a monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros, players are also to be saved from the gambling addiction trap. However, players who have the appropriate small money may feel patronized by this provision. Denmark is handling this problem in a very different way. Here, the players themselves determine how high their monthly limit is. This information is centrally stored and accessible to all registered online casinos.

Control of the casino

A new state control authority is to be set up. This will have access to the game sequences and processes of the online providers. A lock file must therefore register all processes, such as deposits, withdrawals and winnings. In case of suspicion, the authority can request access to the so-called lock file of the casinos. Scams and erroneous game sequences at the expense of players should be detected so quickly and the black sheep of the gaming scene are found.

How do casino operators react?

In general, operators of online casinos, sports betting providers and representatives of Lotto are positively tuned. They hope that the new regulations will reduce the number of illegal operators. These are currently difficult to push back and are in many cases a fraud trap for the players. A common quality seal for licensed and reputable operators can give the market an additional boost. Schleswig-Holstein is so far the only federal state that awards gambling licenses.