Without a doubt, sport is imprinted in UK bettor’s culture. Wherever you go, you are going to see some sort or association with sports. Regardless if it is the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, St. Andrew’s golf course in Scotland or Wembley Stadium in London, there’s a deep and strong connection between the local community and sports in general.

Kicking it off

Nowadays, sports similar to football go hand in hand with gambling. You can take a look at the latest betting odds for these sports in Mega888 or online bookmakers. But the question many are wondering is, why is it so important to UK’s culture? At the core, this connection is primarily brought by the fact that the United Kingdom has been credited to invent this sport along with others such as rugby, golf, and cricket.

Oftentimes, these sports are played by teams that represent either their towns or cities. Thus, the whole community comes out to support their own team whenever they play. This was the start of the strong bond between local identity and sports and has led to local rivalries which we now see in several popular UK sports like football.

Passion for Sports

This love and connection to sports as well as devotion to a certain team spills regularly into gambling. Punters are usually backing their teams to be able to win money and of course, bragging rights that come with it, should their team come victorious.

One thing is for sure, sports betting isn’t new. Since the time that it was discovered, it developed a legitimate relationship between bookmakers and punters which made stronger over time. As of 2019, it’s noted that half of the teams in the English Premier League were actually sponsored by online bookmaker with over £30 billion that largely contributed to UK’s annual economy.

Growth of Mega888 and other Bookmakers

The secret to the continuous growth of bookmakers for the past several years lies on the expansion of online promotions. By giving punters the chance to place bets easily without being physically present boosted profits generated by bookmakers. With the continued innovation of products online, offering an exciting and new experience in comparison to high street bookmakers, it’s fairly easy to see how gambling in United Kingdom has become extremely popular.

Plus, knowing that the world is in lockdown today and the implication of social distancing in different venues, the online option for sports betting becomes an attractive feature for any online bookmaker.