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Sports betting has become an integral part of the entertainment industry. On TV, surfing the Internet via a Toto site, or in newspapers, there are numerous advertisements for sports betting. Sports betting – betting – gambling and all this via the Internet? Is this really legal? Many people still ask themselves this question, although sports betting has been quite open for several years and the providers advertise themselves on all sorts of platforms.

In order to clarify the question of the legality of sports betting, the following article gives an exclusion about it. In addition, further facts on the subject are mentioned, so that all ambiguities come off the table.

Sports betting and gambling

So that the question of legality is clear from the beginning, sports betting is legal in Germany. Otherwise, it would not be possible for providers to advertise themselves on publicly accessible pages. Then it would not be possible for even familiar faces from the sports business to present themselves for it. The basis is the Gambling Act, which allows some companies to offer to gamble. That’s why casinos, which can be entered from the age of 18, are fully legal. However, the question arises as to why society at large assumes that gambling and casinos are legal, but sports betting is not.

The history of sports betting

Of course, sports betting has not only existed since online providers offer them. Betting has always existed. The problem is that you know casinos and bookmakers who offer sports betting only from the Internet or advertising. In addition, the offer has only been available in Germany since 2011. But sports betting was also offered online, just not in Germany. In order to give companies controlled access to German customers and also to get a small piece of the cake, a partial opening of the market followed and sports betting was allowed in Germany.

The bad image of sports betting

Although this partial opening was already several years ago, a very negatively charged picture persists. There are a number of reasons for this. The most likely reason is the image that sports betting and gambling simply carry with them, a business full of crooks and crooks and the risk of losing house and money. In addition, there are scandals in the sport itself as well as in the betting business. Game postponements and bought referees have gnawed very strongly at the image.

Another factor influencing the bad image of sports betting is that there was only a partial opening in 2011. There were no other laws and regulations on regulation from the German government. But other EU countries also disagree on what to do with sports betting. The result is different laws of the individual countries. Consequently, the companies have chosen a seat in which sports betting and gambling are known, legal, and clearly regulated. Therefore, the licenses come from countries such as Malta or Gibraltar. But this in turn causes astonishment among interested parties.

This is sports betting today

The providers of sports betting work very their image and try to create trust among interested parties and critics. This is not necessarily an easy task if you are immediately put into the drawer, in which gambling and the argument gambling addiction are already inside. The best remedy is education. Therefore, extensive information on the subject of sports betting, gambling addiction, and gambling can be found on the websites of the providers. Contact details and direct help can also be found underneath. Information about the company itself is also displayed.


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The offer of the bookmakers

The selection of the provider is based on a few criteria. He should be trustworthy with a good offer. First of all, it can be said that if the choice between two or more bookmakers is difficult, you can also make several accounts with different bookmakers. This also has the advantage because the odds on individual betting options are not the same for every provider. The first hallmark of a reputable bookmaker is its license. As mentioned before, they come from the EU as well as from non-EU countries. On comparison sites, where a wide range of bookmakers can be found, you can also read information about the licenses, their validity, and their significance. In addition, there are certificates and evaluations of public testing bodies. These also provide information about the security of the provider, its performance, and its service.

Find the right bookmaker

Although the online betting business in Germany is very young, the range of bookmakers is overwhelming. Therefore, it makes sense to evaluate the large offer on It lists the best bookmakers along with the most important information. If you are particularly interested in a provider, you can inform yourself in detail about the company and its offer as well as read quality tests. In addition, numerous customer reviews and comments on the providers can be found, which are also very good for the decision. If, after extensive research, there is still no clear picture or further questions, you can test the customer service. Ideally, this should be easy to reach via several communication channels and provide competent answers.

The offer of sports betting

If a bookmaker meets all the decisive criteria, you can take a closer look at their range of sports betting. The wide offer represents the different sports. Some providers manage more than thirty different sports, including very unique sports such as surfing, netball, or video game championships. The offer should also go into depth. This refers to the different leagues and competitions of a sport. For example, the odds for the third Bundesliga are currently far more interesting than in the first Bundesliga.

“In order for sports betting to be successfully concluded, knowledge is needed above all.”

Information about sports

Gambling often plays only a very minor role in sports betting. Despite this, sports betting is still regulated by the Gambling Act, as betting on the entry or outcome of a future event is a game of chance.

On the other hand, it is possible to create accurate forecasts for sporting events through information research and analysis. For example, the fact that the top of the Bundesliga wins against a team from the fourth league is a simple analysis and has very little to do with luck. Although the example is greatly simplified, it applies to all sports and games.

Based on information, news, and statistics, the risk is kept low and sports betting is concluded responsibly.