lottery power ballsLottery gaming in Indonesia today can be played only at online lottery sites since Muslim leaders in the country had successfully pushed for the recognition of lottery as a form of gambling. In previous years, a government owned and run lottery business sold tickets to millions of Indonesians, but the local government had to cease operations.
Studies showed that Muslim and non-Muslim citizens alike were spending heavily in all types and all brands of lottery games. Many of whom were simply looking to get rich quickly, so they can escape the drudgery of working hard to earn a living.
The Quran says Muslims are forbidden to gamble or for that matter engage in games of chance like the lottery. Yet while it is illegal for Muslims to gamble, those opposed to the banning of lottery games in Indonesia, contend there is no specific prohibition for lottery websites in other countries to sell lottery tickets to Muslims across the globe.

lottery bingoBased on survey reports, most lottery enthusiasts in Indonesia still purchase lottery tickets several times a week or numerous times during the month, usually from Middle East and North African (MENA) countries; Many others purchase lottery tickets in North American or European togel sites, especially from those with huge powerball jackpot prizes at stake.
Even in London casinos, it is common to see guests from Arab nations hob-nobbing with wealthy Asian players.According to reports, the presence of Middle Eastern gamers in London casinos is staggering.

Indonesia – Unaffected by Current State of Gambling in MENA Countries

While several countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have historical and ongoing turmoil, religious and government leaders in predominantly Muslim countries continue to allow gambling in their respective jurisdictions. They seek and welcome opportunities to build integrated resorts that offer casino gambling within the MENA region and elsewhere in Asian countries.
Reports have it that in countries like Egypt, Dubai, Lebanon, North Cyprus and Morocco, in which Islam is predominant, the introduction of casino gambling proved successful. Since the goal is to attract the wealthy and high-end Middle Eastern gamblers to recreate in their integrated resorts, the governments concerned insist that the casino-resorts integrated as features of 5-star hotels.
Moreover, in order to ensure that only non-Muslim customers will gamble in casinos, customers are required to present their passports as proof of their identity before they are allowed to enter the casino gambling areas. Yet here’s the thing with moneyed Middle Easterners, it’s quite common for these individuals to have a dual-citizenship status that allows them to move freely as a global citizen.
Persons with dual citizenship enjoy travels in foreign lands because they have higher chances of entering exclusive places and markets not available to ordinary Muslim devotees. In the meantime, Indonesia remains steadfast in its belief that lottery gaming is detrimental to the health and financial well being of its people. Notwithstanding that there are various legitimate websites offering togel games online.