Although gambling has been around in Thailand for a long time, it is surprisingly not legal to gamble anywhere in the Thai lands.

Anyone traveling to Thailand should read the law beforehand. And also when traveling to other nations in Southeast Asia, it is recommended to check the local gambling law as it might look similar to that in Thailand.

Are online casinos legal and what forms of gambling are allowed?

There are two types of gambling that is allowed in Thailand: the state lottery and horse racing (The only sports betting allowed). But you should also be aware of exceptions here.

Online casinos are primarily not allowed in Thailand and no licenses are issued. If you would like to play slots through online casinos, you can do so by visiting gclub, an online casino that features a wide array of casino games. Although online gambling too is prohibited in Thailand, it is far safer than being caught playing in illegal gambling dens.

Online and offline gambling is prohibited in Thailand. In addition, there are laws that make illegal gambling even more difficult in Thailand: the country’s civil code and commercial code (sections 853 and 855) stipulate that gambling-related debts are not enforceable. This applies to private betting as well as bookmakers.

So it can happen to players in Thailand that bookmakers and casinos do not pay out big winnings. It is clear that this can be frustrating. You cannot take legal action; most players switch casinos. So whether you play gambling in Thailand is up to you, but it is not advisable.

What kind of games of chance are there in Thailand?

Despite this legal situation, gambling is still very popular in Thailand. There are more than a hundred different varieties in the history of Thailand. This includes not only legal horse races and the state lottery, but also bullfights. Boat races are also very popular in the beautiful waters around the islands of Thailand.

Cockfights can also be found not only in history books, but also in modern times. In the past century, the cultural landscape in relation to gambling has changed significantly. This is partly due to foreign influence, such as the increase in western tourism, which brings with it a love of online casinos. The lottery game is said to have come from China to Thailand.


In summary, with a few exceptions, it is not legal to gamble in Thailand. Play and gamble, do so at your own risk. So it is probably better to play at home in online casinos.