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Gambling Laws In Asia

Whether we like it or not, gambling has become a part of the framework of many societies around the globe. As the biggest gambling market in the globe, Asia is home to numerous countries with a high-volume of gaming, deeming proper data protection as well as safety measures very much crucial.

To safeguard your data as you engage in gambling in Asia, the first thing you have to do is to look for the best, licensed, reputable Asian bookies or online gambling sites. This will ensure that you don’t become prey to crooks who are ready to steal your money and/or all your sensitive data. Look into their security encryption, reviews from users, making sure that payment options are secure, and to check on their regulations and policies.

  • CHINA. With the exemption of the China Sports Lottery, a lot of the most popular physical as well as online types of gambling are forbidden throughout China. These hard-hitting laws have directed lots of Chinese bettors to search for providers overseas. However, this doesn’t stop authorities to try to locate and impose the set punishment on operators and agents of online casinos.
  • HONG KONG. Although part of China, Hong Kong has been independent for a long time. The only permitted gambling activity in Hong Kong is controlled and supervised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and bound by regulations under the 1977 Gambling Ordinance, with betting options that includes football, horse races, lottery and of course mahjong.
  • INDONESIA. The country has numerous of the sternest gambling laws ridding all forms of gambling except the national licensed lottery. Nonetheless, despite the strict law as well as the risk of severe punishments, web-based sports betting as well as table games continue to be tremendously popular in Indonesia, and overseas casinos make available several of the best gambling channels.
  • JAPAN. With the exemption of the numerous pachinko slot machines found in alternating street, the Government of Japan implements bans as well as strict controls on many types of gambling. So Japanese punters look for offshore providers, frequently for sports betting and lottery.

  • MACAU. Macau is part of China but runs as a self-governing nation having their own legal framework and currency as well. Many of China’s residents are eager to take a long travel to play in Macau’s casinos. In terms of online casinos, many were flagged as they have provided misleading information and messages, for casino practices that are poor, or for unsatisfactory customer support.
  • TAIWAN. Taiwan has strict gambling regulations removing opportunities for numerous of its traditional types. The only legal opportunity to place a wager on a game within the country is through the Taiwan Sports Lottery. Web-based gambling is preferred for game availability with quite good odds, such as the slots, baccarat and localized alternatives like Chinese chess.
  • PHILIPPINES. The country has several of the most complicated gambling laws in Asia as the nation’s tactic in dealing with online gambling is split according to the standings of two individual government bodies. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation which is the bigger one, runs most of the gambling operations and is largely trusted to give its customers a safe and fair experience. In the Cagayan Freeport region, many independent casinos earn profits by exclusively providing their services to tourists.
  • SINGAPORE. The country has a tough position opposing gambling, mainly on web-based gambling. In 2014, online gambling was prohibited and made illegal, except for local operators. The law, stating that anybody who gambles via remote communication is an offense, was installed as a response to the prevalent concerns of the government regarding the popularity of web-based gambling throughout the country. Therefore, the majority of providers of online gambling are blocked in Singapore.