There are many different vendors and merchants of prepaid cards as well as vouchers that can be used for online gambling withdrawals and deposits. Prepaid cards are providing a private and secure payment option couple with unique benefits. Some of these benefits that are enjoyed by consumers include but not limited to the following:

  • Cash payment options
  • Instant transactions and;
  • High acceptance and success rates

Prepaid cards may be grouped in basic categories which include virtual prepaid cards, prepaid gift/debit/credit cards, physical prepaid cards as well as vouchers and also, prepaid casino cards.

About Prepaid Gift, Debit and Credit Cards

Discover, American Express, Mastercard and Visa are the major payment card companies. It is common as well among banks to have partnership with these brands. Some of these card companies are offering prepaid, credit and gift cards while some offer the combination of all.

In regards to prepaid cards, this isn’t supported by revolving line of credit such as how credit cards work. It is not even linked to bank accounts similar to standard debit cards.

Rather, prepaid gift, debit and credit cards are standalone cards that are funded with certain amount of money.

It can be used for one-time purchase or reload it with credits depending on what kind of card you have.

There are several ways that you can get one for yourself like through:

  • Online stores
  • Banks or
  • Retail stores

If you’re into online gambling, then you can use it as a deposit option. It can be a convenient solution especially if you don’t have a credit card or bank account or perhaps, don’t want to connect your account at all. After making your initial deposit, you are now on your way to meeting your requirements in enjoying your £20 for free no deposit casino.

Speed and Convenience

Using prepaid payment cards for depositing funds into your gambling account are usually instantly available. The entire process of making a deposit is as simple as buying anything online. All that has to be done is to key in the payment card details and then submit the deposit request.


You should know that there might be associated fees with the utilization and purchase of prepaid payment cards. Though the charges might vary depending on the issuing bank and the card you are using. Thus, it will be a smart move to look around for prepaid cards that matches your needs and spending habits.