Internet stakes are very popular in the eastern neighbor of Germany’s eastern- but players should know the legal framework.

Intro to Poland gambling

Poland has developed rapidly since the end of the Cold War. In the 1990s, the country was still considered very backward, but since Poland became a member of the EU, the economy has been picking up rapidly. All in all, Poland has a lot to offer both locals and vacationers. When it comes to gambling, the situation is currently a little different than in Germany. Although the legal situation in this area has been very liberal for a long time, relatively strict requirements apply today. It is of course still possible to place your bets via the Internet, but fans of games of chance should note a few points.


Online casinos are booming in Poland

Of course, many people in Poland are also enthusiastic about placing their bets on classic casino games such as roulette or blackjack as well as on slot online and other variants on the Internet. At this point, Poland does not differ from other countries in Europe, in which the sales of online casinos are also increasing significantly faster than in the industry in general. It is not for nothing that the operators of portals for online gambling in Poland are trying to win new customers with the help of bonuses and other promotions. You can place bets yourself using your smartphone, for example, and many games can also be tested for free and risk-free.


Gambling development is advancing

In general, the legal situation regarding gambling was still very permissive, especially in the 1990s. For a long time, no regulations at all were introduced specifically for the Internet; this has only changed since a corruption scandal in 2009. Since then, only sports betting has been legally possible on the Internet, so online casinos cannot obtain a license in Poland. The situation is not significantly different from that in the neighboring countries of Germany, Austria, or the Czech Republic.

Further development hardly predictable

It is currently not possible to say how the regulation of online casinos will continue in the coming years. Of course, there is always one or the other politician who wants to adopt the legal situation to reality. When issuing licenses to online casinos, the state should of course also earn money, so such a regulation would be quite attractive.