There are many aspects that speak for Asian betting providers (แทงบอลออนไลน์). The Asian bookmakers often impress with excellent odds and really extremely high limits. The speed is also impressive in the end.

Online Football Betting In Thailand

The Pros

  • Odds. Compared to the European average, the betting odds are much more attractive. This is because the Asian bookmakers operate with a much lower profit margin.
  • Limits. With an Asian bookie, there are usually limits that would not even be possible in this country. Sometimes the Asians even allow six-figure stakes in selected top matches. Definitely interesting. Limiting betting accounts is very unusual with Asian bookmakers.
  • Chances of winning. With extensive handicap bets and other advantages, the bottom line is that the chances of winning are really very high. The European market cannot necessarily keep up with that.
  • Service. The service is impressive. Transactions are processed very quickly and there are no other negative aspects that should be mentioned with an Asian bookmaker. Apart from the fact that the market is very future-proof because Asian providers will continue to grow in the coming years.

The Cons

  • Ease of use. The design of the website takes a lot of getting used to for sports betting fans from the west. In this context, the choice of language is one of the main disadvantages. The very large betting providers on the Asian market offer the option of displaying the website in English. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes no other languages ​​are offered. The supply pages are very much dominated by handicap bets. It always takes a little longer to find your way around the website.
  • Combination bets. Those who like to bet on combination bets will not be happy with the Asian bookies. This type of bet is simply not offered there – which is due to the lack of demand from the local customer base. Asians only offer single bets.
  • Impression. It cannot be denied that the Asian betting market does not necessarily have a positive image. European players prefer betting providers who are in the immediate vicinity. The providers from the Far East seem very strange for several reasons and many shy away from registering. This is also due to the fact that there are also some dubious betting providers on the Asian market.

How about the Seriousness of Asian betting providers?

It is not surprising that inexperienced sports betting fans in particular are not sure about the seriousness of Asian betting providers. But the bottom line is that the Asian betting market is very safe. The major providers make their homepages available in several languages ​​and offer customer service that can often be compared with European standards. These are usually large corporations that are absolutely serious and safe at the same time. Of course, it depends on which bookmaker you register with.

Bet offer, odds, and limits at Asian bookmakers

The limits of Asian bookmakers are really excellent. Since the betting shops work with relatively low-profit margins, the limits can be correspondingly higher. In addition, there is no way in Asia to create a long series of bets with very attractive overall odds. If you want to make a high profit, you have to do it with a correspondingly high stake. The risk for the bookmaker is very low and that is why the limits are so high. The transfer methods are not as extensive as ours, but the Asians score with speed. However, this only applies to online payment methods. Those who opt for this can have their deposit made on the same day. The betting offer is certainly a little different. But in the end, all tastes should get their money’s worth.