The distinctive difference between an illegal and legal gambling like Gclub is the fact that the latter is being monitored and regulated by government agencies. However, there are a lot more people who are actually engaging into this activity because it’s legal and despite the fact that government is collecting taxes on the jackpots, lotteries and casinos are still subject to fraud.

Online gambling on a federal level is actually illegal but this is not enough grounds to stop people from accessing sites offering such service. There are many reasons why a gambling site categorized as illegal like when it meets the following:

Subject to Fraudulent Activities

Legalized gambling is the fastest and most lucrative industry worldwide. With the attention it gets, it may have corrupting influence onto the state’s government. This is because several government officials become addicted to the potential revenue generated from gambling games and lotteries. As a matter of fact, if you’d read the news, there are countries and their respective states where there are reported news about fraud and corruption lotteries.

Irresponsible Gambling among Individual Players

Sooner or later, the social costs associated with gambling addictions is going to create negative impact towards a person’s career, mental health and physical wellbeing.

This can potentially lead to increased crime rates, addiction treatment, divorce and even filing of bankruptcy. Eventually, the gamblers are going to depend on unemployment benefits or welfare which will then impact the government. The cost can be astronomical and may even reach billions of dollars a year.

Gambling Exploits the Poor

Several reports showed that legalized gambling frequently hurts and at times, destroys those who are in a disadvantaged position and poor. If gambling were illegal though, gambling venues will not have any chance of promoting their games or any other kinds of betting.

Gambling Sets a Double Standard

Without a doubt, running state lotteries is one of the effective ways of raising taxes. Legalized gambling is somehow disturbing government policy. The government must look for a way on promoting desirable qualities in citizens and to not seduce them in engaging to gambling activities, more so that are sponsored by the state. When such happens, the government will contribute to the corruption of the society.

While it seems that legalizing gambling activities may be bad for the people and the economy, take note that this frequently happens only if people are not educated and on how to become a responsible gambler. So long as people are being informed on the repercussions of irresponsible gambling, both the economy and people will benefit from it.