Gambling on the Internet like situs judi QQ repeatedly confronts German gamblers with the question of legality. Are online casinos legal in Germany? Due to the current legal situation, this question cannot be answered across the board and without restrictions.

The most important features for legal online casinos in Germany

  • EU license: The online casino must be approved by a European regulatory authority.
  • Terms and Conditions: The casino’s terms and conditions may not explicitly prohibit German customers from playing.
  • Player protection: The provider must protect players from the dangers of gambling addiction with measures and precautions.

The legal situation of online casinos in Germany

In Germany there is a state monopoly on gaming: The organization of games of chance is only permitted with official permission. This also applies to online offers. The further development of gambling law takes place at the state level. The 16 federal states have jointly passed the German State Treaty on Gambling to regulate gambling. In this first version, there was a complete ban on online gambling.

The First State Treaty on Gaming amended the legislation on July 1, 2012. This changed the German legal situation for online gambling. There was an award procedure for online sports betting licenses. In addition, the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein took a special route and decided not only to approve online sports betting providers, but also online casinos.

Are online casinos legal or not?

Online casino sites without a license are illegal in Germany. Schleswig-Holstein has now stopped issuing permits, but the licenses that have already been issued continue to apply. At the same time, Germany cannot exclude foreign suppliers from the German market without good reason via the state monopoly. This violates European law. The legislature is therefore forced to act and must create a new legal framework. This should happen with a new State Treaty on Gambling.

The new State Treaty on Gambling

In order to have legal security even after the current State Treaty on Gambling has expired, the federal states are negotiating new gambling laws. The third State Treaty on Gaming is due to come into force on July 1, 2021. The countries have agreed to generally allow online gambling.