Fairness, seriousness and security – these three factors are what players want from every online gambling site. Anyone looking for a suitable and reliable provider should first focus on the gaming license. This is a very good tool to distinguish reputable gambling providers from the black sheep in the industry.

There are a number of regulated markets across Europe backed by official authorities. Only when they have their thumbs on the company can one be sure of the seriousness in most cases.

A gambling license is of course not simply granted to online casinos, bookmakers and lottery providers. Strict conditions have to be met in order for the operator to receive the green light from the responsible licensing authority.

Licensed providers in the gaming industry are the first choice for gamers because they have a legal basis on which problems can be clarified.

Why do online gambling sites have to be licensed?

Over the past decade, Europe has seen a surge in new online casinos, betting providers and lotteries. It is therefore difficult, especially for the end customer, to distinguish good from bad corporations. Some have had a good reputation since the very beginning. The big commonality of all these top providers is actually the existence of an official gambling license.

If there is a lack of financial reserves or if the operator can be associated with criminal activities, no license is granted at all. For the provider, the licensing is an additional and indispensable seal of approval, especially for gamers something like a guarantee of security and seriousness.

The fact that gambling is licensed at all does not, of course, serve exclusively to protect gamblers. The respective countries also benefit from this, as licensees have to pay taxes.

What licenses are there in Europe?

It is now known that a gaming license does not necessarily have to be issued in Schleswig-Holstein in order to be able to use a reputable provider. In this country, there are very strict restrictions for licensees anyway.

The situation is different in other parts of Europe because there the number of licenses has not been restricted. Nevertheless, as a casino founder and betting provider, it is of course not easy to get a permit.