Blackjack is otherwise known as 21. Playing this game is pretty straightforward yet is exciting. Plus, there is a great chance for those who have come up with some great strategies. The truth is, for seasoned players who have a good grasp of math and is capable of counting cards, sometimes, the odds are in their favor.

Not always the Case

While counting cards is indeed something that they can do as part of their strategy, it is a different thing when playing it online. Indeed, you can 먹튀검증사이트 and review the site as well as the games they offer. But trying to count cards in an online game is just impossible. The numbers are generated by a computer, which is completely done randomly.

If you are playing this game in real casino, the dealer is in charge of all elements of the game from dealing the cards, shuffling the deck to handling the bets. While it is true that this game is fairly simple to understand, it is important that you know the basics first before you decide to play it.

The Pack

In playing 21, a standard 52-deck card is used. But in most casinos, there are several decks that are used and shuffled together. Basically, there are 6 decks that are used, which happens to be the most popular as well.

Not only that, the dealer is using a blank plastic card, which is never been dealt with but is put at the bottom of the pack. This is to indicate when they have to reshuffle the cards.

The Goal of the Game

Every player in the table tries to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 without going beyond it. If they did, then they win. However, if it is the dealer who gets closest to it, then dealer wins.

Scoring and Card Values

Playing cards and a keyboard

It’s basically up to every player whether the Ace is going to be worth 11 or 1. However, for all the face cards in the deck, they’re equivalent to 10.


Before the dealer starts, every player will be asked to make a bet in chips, in front of the designated area. The max and minimum limits are then established onto the betting and generally, the limits are from 500 to 2 dollars.

There are many strategies that you can apply when playing blackjack. It may feel overwhelming to know all the jargons used in the game but after some game, you’ll catch up.