Gambling is still prohibited among South Korean citizens, except for lotteries, and wagers placed in legal toto sites on boat, cycling and horseracing events. Casino gambling to be legal among locals, must take place only in Kangwon Land Casino. Although online gambling is likewise prohibited, many avid SoKor gamblers are able to circumvent the anti-gamnling laws by playing in offshore-based VPN online casinos and virtual sports books.

What are VPN Online Casinos and Sports Toto Sites

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network online gambling site is one in which communications are coursed through servers that encrypt all data sent via the local public network. Use of the system shields both site operators and their customers from the watchful eye of South Korean authorities, in charge of monitoring Internet-based gambling activities.

Article 247 of the South Korea Gambling Act prescribes imprisonment of not more than five yeats and payment of fines of up to 30 million won, on any Korean citizen found guilty of gambling in any local or foreing place or space. Actually, despite the strict gambling laws and harsh punishments imposed on locals found gambling, the online gambling market in the country continues to flourish.

In addition to the VPN system, Koreans who engage in gambling play only in online casinos and toto sites that have been vetted as safe and secure by independent

토토 먹튀, checkers known in South Korea as eat and run verifiers. Officially they are called private certification businesses that offer independent electronic data and background checking as a service.

Electronic Verification Systems as Tools for Promoting Online Gambling Platforms

To make it easier for Korena gamblers to find a safe and secure online gambling space, promoters of reputable online gambling platforms created websites that recommend only online casinos and sports books that have been certified by private (eat and run)verification companies. This denotes that the recommended gambling platforms underwent checking and have passed not only in terms of data verification but also in terms of history as a reliable toto site.

Presumably, a private certification company or group that conducts document and background checking on online gambling sites do so discreetly to avoid entanglement with government authorities tasked to monitor online gambling activities in the country.

Overview of the Digital Signature Act Governing Private Verification and Certification Businesses in South Korea

During the early stages of ecommerce development in South Korea, the government and its authorized agencies made public verification of information available as a service to the general public. Doing so provided consumers with a sound basis for choosing an ecommerce provider of products and services. Yet as the development of ecommerce in the country was hampered by the slow pace by which certifications are being issued, the government allowed private organizations to use their proprietary systems and techniques to offer data and background verification services as a business.

As the electronic verification service became widely in demand, especially during the 2020 health crisis caused by COVID-19, the government, amended the 1998 Digital Signature Act with new provisions. The purpose of which was to promote the use of different electronic verification services, except for cases related to other laws an