On behalf of ZonMw, the Trimbos Institute has created an agenda for the integration and research of knowledge about gambling addiction, gambling-related damage, and gambling addiction. Future research needs to focus not only on treatment but also on prevention in the form of online and offline interventions.


Research Topics

The research should focus on the prevention of gambling addiction and gambling-related harm, better treatment of people with gambling addiction, and coordination of solutions for vulnerable groups. Attention should also be paid to the physical and digital environment of game behavior, advertising, and game product design. Online gambling, like pokerace, offers new ways of prevention and treatment.


Knowledge Integration and Research Agenda

On April 1, 2021, the Remote Gambling Act (KOA) came into force. This creates more space for research on the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction (also commonly known as gambling addiction). The Addiction Prevention Fund, which funds research on gambling addiction, was born out of this law.

In anticipation of the research program, the Trimbos Institute has implemented knowledge integration and created a research agenda. Knowledge integration bundles current knowledge from the areas of gambling addiction, game-related damage, and gambling addiction. The research agenda then outlines the need for knowledge.


Old and new questions about gambling and game of chance

Information from scientific literature and interviews with members of medical professionals, experienced professionals, and international scientists are put together to achieve the integration of available knowledge.

At the expert meeting, information was gathered from representatives of gambling providers, health care, research, politics, and supervision. This gave rise to a research agenda: a comprehensive overview of knowledge requirements in the areas of gambling addiction, game-related damage, and gambling addiction.

There are still many questions about better treatment of addiction, better intervention, and prevention, or how to deal with vulnerable groups and adolescents. Digitization of gambling brings new opportunities and challenges for it. We recommend that you comprehensively consider the damage caused by gambling. This is in line with the international trend towards research on gambling damage.

Knowledge integration and research agenda

The Trimbos Institute’s full knowledge integration and research agenda can be found in the report “Gambling addiction, gambling-related harm, and knowledge integration and research agenda on gambling issues.”