Apart from a few exceptions, gambling is actually strictly forbidden in China.

How important is this popular leisure activity in China?

A country’s attitude towards gambling is usually influenced by religion or tradition. However, gambling has always had a place in society regardless of how it is viewed by citizens. A good example of such a case is China’s strict ban on all forms of gambling. Even though this activity is one of the country’s largest sources of income.

Banned in mainland China

Gambling has been strictly forbidden in mainland China since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power. These include slot machines, cards, dice and roulette. Sports betting is also illegal, with the exception that it must be approved by the Chinese government.

Online casinos are also banned across the country. Citizens cannot play at online casinos operated overseas, nor can they operate their own casinos in mainland China. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game from Red Tiger or another of your favorite providers, all game categories are prohibited. Even if you want to know more info at, you can’t access it if you live in China.

More info at : Legal in Macau

The Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, or Macau, is a city in China but has its own system of government. Officially, it is Chinese territory, but it does not follow the regulations of mainland China. This arrangement is a special loophole to make Macao a Chinese tourist attraction.

Everything related to gambling can be found in Macau. The only gambling business that is not allowed in the city is online casinos. However, residents can play at online casino sites as long as they are based outside of Chinese rule. Chinese residents are allowed to gamble in Macau, but they must follow a strict procedure to obtain a visa allowing them to visit.

State-approved lotteries

Lotteries are the only form of gambling allowed in China, but they are all government-owned.More info at Slotsformoney.com

There are two types of lotteries that can be found in the country

The Welfare Lottery

The welfare lottery uses raffles and tickets. It can be two-colour balls, 3D lotteries and Lucky 7. This game was created in 1987 and all of its proceeds go to fund foundations for the elderly, needy and disabled.

China Sports Lottery

China Sports Lottery is a sports betting bookmaker. It was launched in 1994 as the only activity in the country that most closely resembles conventional gambling. The sports covered in this activity are all international series for soccer and basketball.